Adventures Of Nishad And The Time Travel Machine #1


It was a regular day in the life of Nishad Dhar. He was one of the most reputed scientists of India in the 26th century living in Srinagar in Kashmir. He was famous all over the world for his great inventions such as the 4D projected calls, mirror cloning uhna machines, the mind controlled Mohinyoo robots ( with their own feelings), and invisibility ray called zutsche which could look through opaque objects making them look invisible, and a healing Amrit which revives the dead by attracting the soul into the body again. Now he was up to his life’s biggest dream, “THE TIME TRAVEL MACHINE.”All this was possible because of his family support. He loved his family very dearly His family consisted of his mother named Ankita, father named Abhinav, sister named Daya, wife named Arnimal, a daughter named Toshay, and two sons named Rundransh and Mritunjay. He couldn’t live without his family and was ready to go up to any extent for them. He even had a rival named Ajay Guttan who was also a great scientist with an intelligent brain and had invented the flying hover board and freezing stun gun which could save you from robbers, murderers, and other dangerous people that could harm you, but was still was very jealous of Nishad. He always was plotting something against Nishad to let his name down or to get him into trouble. Even Ajay had a loving family consisting of his mother named Kanta, wife named Madhavi, a son and a daughter named Saahil and Neha. Once on the Independence day celebrations in their office both of them had brought their families along. They both stayed away from each other but the children became great friends Nishad was a Kashmiri and was one of the only people who knew how to talk in kashmiri and really wanted all the other Kashmiri’s to know the rich heritage of the pious land of “Kashmir”. After his five great and successful inventions he had earned a lot of money so he decided to open his very own company of research. He named it “Kasheer” meaning Kashmir.

Be sure to read the next part of the story to know how Nishad’s company soon became a success and to know more about the “Adventures Of Nishad And The Time Travel Machine”

– Rushil Dhar

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