Adventures Of Nishad And The Time Travel Machine #2


Though he didn’t advertise anything about his company, on the very first day after the inauguration millions of people came to give interviews ( because of his extreme popularity) and within a year it overtook around fifty companies because of their idea of the Mira element compound building and the unique compound element obtained. This was his life’s greatest success. He was the world’s first On seeing this Ajay was very jealous and took a loan from the bank that he even repaid quickly. Then even he opened his company named “Rivalaries” about which he advertised a lot but still only a few people came to give their interviews for the job. Ajay even sent one of his men named Vijay to Nishad’s company to take ideas and create and launch Products before Nishad’s company could. That day Nishad was very exited as he was going to confess about his Colossal, and cosmic idea of the “TIME TRAVEL MACHINE”. That night he buckled up in his Tranquility Pod and got ready for next day. During the night he had a dream in which he had Traveled in time to the ancient city of Kashmir during 1990. At first when he arrived he was trapped in a house that was on fire. It was an intricate position for Nishad. He stood there for some time in shock until a huge log of burning wood fell to his left and he regained back conciousness. It truly was a gigantisque fire. He immediately removed his zutsche and scanned the area and planned an instant escape route. When got out, he found that other houses were on fire too. When he asked a terrified local wearing a ferran ( a traditional warm kashmiri dress) that what was going on, he replied ” Yetik saerimusalmaan che pagal gaemitch. Ye saeri che aes kasheeras nebar kadan, kayzki aes che kashur Bhatte. Ye che vanan ki agar aes draye na keh tel ye saeri gael aes.( All the Muslims over here have gone mad. They are taking us out of Kashmir, just because we are kasmiri pandits. They tell that they will kill us if don’t leave Kashmir)” Then only it was that Nishad realised that he was in the late 20th century during the seventh exodus of the kashmiri pandits. Then suddenly he heard a loud voice coming from somewhere near saying ” Raleu, galeu the chaleu ( convert, die, or flee away)” Nishad had heard a lot about this exodus but never knew that it was so horrific. Then he heard a bloodcurdling scream of a woman whose two children had been slain in front of her eyes by a person with a black cloth on his face. Then that person tightened his grip around the woman’s head and was dragging her somewhere. Nishad couldn’t bear it any more and took out the freezing stun gun and shot the militant with it. He instantly froze and the lady stood up, and started to run towards Nishad to thank him for saving her life. After thanking him she went to her son’s dead body and started to wail softly on her children’s dead bodies. Then Nishad came up to her and told her that he could revive his dead sons by giving them Amrit and the lady readily agreed. Then Nishad poured a drop of the precious Amrit into there mouths and after a minute or so the children came back to life. Then the lady thanked Nishad very much but suddenly everything started to grow faint and then he heard a faint sound of someone saying something. Dawdly the image and voice became clear, and he finally heard his wife, Arminal saying from outside the pod, ” I thought that someone had a very important meeting today with their employees today” And he realised that he had to go to office and take the opinions and ideas of his employees at the office. He quickly went into his personalised friction-less KITT. He reached his office within 30 seconds at a speed of 2000 k mph which was faster than the speed of sound! As soon as he entered he heard a plenty of hi’s and hello’s and when he finally settled in the conference room he started to discuss with his colleagues about the time travel machine. He told his colleagues ” I have called you all today for this special meeting today as I am going to talk on such a topic that is sure to make history if successful. Today I’m going to talk about the making of the ” TIME TRAVEL MACHINE”. He started to hear people whispering across the room. ” Ahem!” He said, attracting the attention of everyone. “Any ideas from you people?” He asked. Then the CEO of the company, Vivek Gadroo replied, “But that is impossible Dhar Saab( a way of calling a person with the surname Dhar with honour).” He slickly back-fired him and shot ” A five hundred years ago making a cloning machine was also impossible, but my team and I made it possible. The work we do here is nothing different than making the impossible into possible.” After all no one came up with any idea. Nishad was Quite upset but then the idea of the upcoming festival, khetsumaavas got him back in a good mood. He sent every Kashmiri in his contact to come for the grand celebrations of khetsumaavas @Kasheer. He also sent Viviek Gadroo the CEO to complete the preparations for the grand celebrations. He invited the most famous chef duo and their team of the kashmiri cuisine, Anil Gagroo and Babbi Gagroo. The day before the celebration he came to inspect the office’s decorations. It was totally BACK- BREAKING! There were kangers with a gold and silver coating around it, in the kids section there were some suzlong mats too with luminous boundaries and numbers written on every square in kashmiri saying akh, ze, thre, tsor( the resting point), paensh, and, sheh. He even gave Vivek a salary increase of ₹1 Billion INR( the global currency that was accepted for trade all over the world)
for the outstanding preparations. The next day there was a huge number of attendance at the function as everyone knew that they were invited by Nishad Dhar, one of the top 3 trillionares in the world so it was pretty obvious that the party would be grand.

Be sure to read the next part of the story to know how the khetsumaavas celebrations went and to know more about the “Adventures Of Nishad And The Time Travel Machine”

– Rushil Dhar

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