Findings from KHST biradari survey – May 2020


Preferred activities

Top 3 to pursue apart from the above list

  1. Some place of our own
    • If wish to have a common meeting point. We can contribute regularly for registrations.
    • To perdue for one community Hall/Mandir.
  2. KHST Portal with member info
    • Information portal of all the group members with background(Kashmir and present). Appreciate If supported by photograph.
  3. Helping KP students
    • Every city has some students from our community. We should try to see if any help is needed.
    • Knowledge base hub for students for future prospectus.
  4. Kashmir Fest
    • Collaboration of artists, writers, educators, Chefs, Liberals etc to come together to evolve the culture and redefine some unreasonable practices.
    • And have you ever thought of a kashmiri culture fest?

How can you contribute?

NameHow would you like to contribute to the KP biradiri in Telangana? Please let us know if you would like to volunteer for any work in any sort of way.
Rajesh RainaI can help to coordinate with some artists, singers, performers etc
Sagar HakimCan volunteer whenever possible
Sachin RainaAlready handling website for community
Sonu PanditaI am in for any work You can assign me thanks
Gopal KaulI’m ready to volunteer in any way possible
Dr Rahul KaulYes I would like to volunteer for any work
Abhinav BhatWill accept any responsible work in the events organized by the committee.
Riddhi ChandraI have just shifted to Mumbai, but I am open to giving ideas
Sanjay peerI would like to volunteer  contribute for baradari as guided by the senior members. I am available on Mondays for any sort of activity.
Rajesh BhatYes
Surinder KoulParticipation physically as and when asked at reasonable destination.
VishalYes, why not !

How should we raise finances?

Any other suggestion

  1. Conduct more online programs
    • Now social distancing will be the new normal in the coming days and months. We can think of having some online music concerts, lectures on kashmir, children talent hunt etc. Assembling physically at a place wont be possible  and is not advisable also now at least for the coming six months or so.
    • Lockdown has tough us a beautiful lesson, distance doesn’t matter, if you want to meet , you can catch up through Webinar.
    • So I suggest every alternate month, executive body should meet and discuss all above points mentioned in this (Baradiri Input Form)
  2. Information portal
    • If possible can we Information portal about the job opportunities for our young brothers and sisters. There are so many respected and influential members in our group who can volunteer from time to time

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