GuideLines for Publishing any content on KHST Website

  • Author is the only person or owner of the content published on the website and bears full responsibility of the content published on the website.
  • Author takes full responsibility of any external links or third-party source published in his/her content. KHST is not responsible in case any issue arises with such content.
  • KHST takes no responsibility for the content of the Author. The views expressed in the content will be solely those of the author.
  • KHST doesn’t endorse any author’s view.
  • Any complaint regarding the content has to be addressed to the concerned Author. If the author is not able to resolve it or doesn’t take any action, the matter can be escalated to KHST Committee Members.
  • KHST may take down the content/article/post if any complaints are received or issue is not mutually resolvable.
  • Any content or article intended for commercial purpose will be allowed on website. Before publishing it, Author has to taken permission from KHST to avoid any confusions.
  • The Author ensures that all the relevant references are put in the article, wherever necessary to avoid any conflict with third party. Examples can be of any news article, updates or communications published on KHST website.
  • The Author’s content will be removed if any of these criteria are found in the content:
  • – Pornographic or Obscene Content
  • – Content propagating ideology of terrorist groups, Anti-India or against the interest of the nation.
  • – Content containing personal attacks, hatred towards real person(s), organisation(s) or communities.
  • – Contents containing malicious third party links that may lead to external problems.
  • – Contents committing any illegal actions while using this website or against this website
  • Video shall be published as Youtube Videos only, due to limitation of web space available.
  • Photo Gallery shall be of third party link only to avoid taking any space of website.

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