Wishing all of u days full of joy, prosperity, happiness & wealth, Happy Akshay Tritiya ,Greetings.. In Kashmiri Known as *अॅछ्न तृय, मुबारक *।।।

This is Kotheir Naag.
Kotheir was a village in a thick jungle with population of 35 muslim and only one Kashmiri Hindu family. The Kashmiri family was having surname Waguzari .

अॅछन तृय मुबारक

On this auspicious occasion, we used to go to Kothiyeir.
Kothyeir is a very attractive tourist place with all the natural beauty as we have in other parts of Kashmir. There is a Spiritual pond कोन्ड with pristine water. On the bank of that pond there was a tree called “Bran”( a Huge holly tree، Not knowing the scientific name) under that “Brann” tree there was a beautiful small incompletely constructed temple with all the deities, mainly Bagwan Vishnu and Mahalaxmi.
After taking bath in this holy pond, pooja was being offered and Prasad Tahier yellow rice was distributed among all family members, relatives and friends. Some small Shop keepers ( Feeriwals/ Biseit) exibited & selling items mostly bangles and ladies make up items. People mostly from the surrounding villages reach there early in the morning in groups to occupy the sitting space
While sitting on green loops at different places, people were enjoying the beauty of the Kund & forest trees for full day.

This Kotier has a historic/Folk and marvellous story, which I have heard from my parents.

There was a King namely “Mokundraz” ( King Mukund) he was very pious and God fearing. He was always taking care of his praja and kingdom very well. As I heard from my parents; he was very gentle and sober, but there was a problem with him that his ears were very very big like that of a buffalo which he was hiding & not sharing with any one except his barber. He had threatened his barber not to share his problem with anyone, otherwise he will have to face dire consequences.

Barber became very weak as he was threaten to keep mum. As usual he was going to forest (jungle) to cut wood for his home purpose. One day he was alone in the forest (jungle) and he was feeling ill and heartbroken. He started crying loudly, (Mukundrazas Mashiv Kann Ba kas vann/Ba kas vann) King Mokundraz have got buffalo ears, to whom I can say this, to whom I can express this. After crying loudly so many times he became little light and went back home with wood as usual.

After some time these trees were cut down where the barber had cried loudly (Mukundrazas Mashi Kann ba kas vann/ ba kas vann) King Mokundraz have got buffalo ears, as whom I can say this, whom I can express this.

After cutting these trees into small logs for selling. These wood logs were used to make drums (Dholl) and these drums were sold to the people who were earning money by beating them. It is said that when the drum men were beating these drums, the music which was coming out of these drums was sounding as “Mokundraz Mashiv kann, Tim Kati challan Kotiyar vann” माॅकन्द राज़स माॅशिव कन्न, तिम कति च़लन कूठैर वन्न। ie King Mokundraz is having buffalo ears, if he goes to Kotiyar forest (jungle) his buffalo ears will be Vanished.

Further it is said that this message spread like a wild fire in the whole Kingdom.The same message was passed on to the King. King was advised to go to Kotiyar forest (jungle) and take a bath in that spiritual pond कोन्ड. and prayed Bhagwan Vishnu and Mahalaxmi there. It is said that, this was the day of Akshay Tritiya (Aachan Trie) when he went to Kotiyar Vann and his buffalo like ears Vanished and he developed normal ears. Bagwan Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi showered blessings on him and on his kingdom.

From that time people from different parts of the district Anantnag and also from other parts of Kashmir used to go to Kotiyar vann on the occasion of Akshay Tritiya (Aachan trei) to take blessings of Bhagwan Vishnu and Mahalaxmi

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