Open DEBATE on how to formalize our Whatsapp Group strategy.


🙏 Any effective real-time tool (like Whatsapp) for communication in this High-tech world is the backbone of any organization like KHST. Having said that it is also imperative  for all of KP baradhari who are all members of this group to utilize this tool of communication very effective and optimize level. I consider KHST an organization which respects and values every KP members thoughts and view points. Hence that is the reason I am starting this open DEBATE on how to formalize our Whatsapp group strategy. I am sure we all will do (SAMANDHARE MANTHAN) and come up with good ideas, proposals and plan for our communication group.

Here is my proposal.

Create two Groups:

KSHT Group-1 : This group will be just a broadcasting and will have only one way communication. And will publish only the relevant communication for KP Baradhari. And will be managed by the KHST committee.. Any KP wants to post the important message for Baradhari he just need to go through the KHST committee. It is important for every member to be part of this group.     
KSHT Group-2:This group will be open to every KP. And will function almost the way current group functions. Members can use this for KATHA BATHA (CHIT-CHAT) some cultural conversation etc……, Some members who are not keen in CHIT CHAT, they can mute this group.

My humble request whosoever want to participate in this open DEBATE please participate by putting you suggestion, proposals and comments on website only against this blog.

If you are not registered on our website, then please register and if you face any issue, need assistance please reach out to me or Sachin Raina.

Please don’t reply to this blog on this Whatsapp group. I will compile all suggestions, ideas proposals from the members which I receive as comments on this blog on our website.


Bharat Bushan Dhar

2 thoughts on “Open DEBATE on how to formalize our Whatsapp Group strategy.

  1. I completely like this approach of having two groups .. one group should not have any noise at all .. very low traffic group .. only for really important messages .. I like your idea of only allowing admins to post .. so, if anyone wants to share any important info there, they send it to admins who then post .. admins decide if any post does not qualify for that group .. any members who do not want general chit chat, but do want to know about important things (events, activities, etc), can stay in this group

    the second group would be open chit chat group .. will likely have heavier traffic .. but, still needs to have some guidance to ensure it is not a free for all .. basic social media etiquette needs to be followed .. no long arguments etc .. would be awesome to have guidelines for this group too, but allow anybody to post ..

  2. Agree with Bharat ji & Rahul Ji. Taking a rigid stand in a diversified group like ours, use of intemperate expression, judgemental statements & hurting sensitivities must be kept out.

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