Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits) are in exile since early 1990 after Islamic religious fundamentalists in the valley of Kashmir took to armed subversion and terrorism and drove them out of their centuries old habitat.

Today, Kashmir is on the brink of being separated from India. It is the beginning of a comprehensive plan to bring about the total disintegration of India – a fact not realized by most of the Indians.

Hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits who were forced to leave their sacred land because of the war waged by Islamic terrorists must now live in despicable conditions in their own country and are on the verge of extinction as a race.

Called “migrants” by the administration, the Kashmiri Pandits are in fact refugees in their own country due to total failure of the Indian State to provide security and safety to them when they were ruthlessly persecuted, threatened, tortured and murdered by the Islamic terrorists.

PANUN KASHMIR (meaning our own Kashmir) is a struggle to reconquer that Kashmir which is almost lost.

PANUN KASHMIR is an effort to Save Kashmiri Pandits to Save Kashmir to Save India.

Besides being a struggle for survival as a cultural entity and an ancient race, PANUN KASHMIR is a movement for the political survival of over 700,000 Kashmiri Pandits in their birthland.