PRESS RELEASE – 13th September 2019
Press Release 13th September 2019
Press Release 13th September 2019

Ever since 1990, 14th September is being observed every year as a MARTYRS DAY by Kashmiri Pandits (KPs) all over the country and outside. To keep this flame of sacrifice going, Kashmiri Hindu Sabha Telangana (KHST) along with Youth 4 Panun Kashmir and Jammu Kashmir Study Center are jointly paying homage to KP MARTYRS and also to all our soldiers who have laid down their lives for the cause of our Mother Land, Kashmir.

To commemorate this somber occasion and remembering the departed noble souls, this year, KHST is offering their tearful ‘Shraddhanjali’ on 14th September 2019, at HVYA Bhavan, 2nd floor, Vasavi Seva Kendram, Khairatabad at 5:00 PM.

14th September 1989, is the day when seeds of systematic ethnic killings of innocent KP Hindus were sown and Shri Tika Lal Taplu, our KP leader became the first victim of unpardonable crime perpetrated on innocent and hapless Kashmiri Hindus especially Kashmiri Pandits. After that barbaric killings continued unabated and hundreds of innocent KPs were killed including many of the prominent ones.

KHST through this homage also wants to remind Indian Government that 1989 onwards thousands of KPs have been killed but India as a nation had more or less remained aloof and indifferent to the barbaric genocide perpetrated by militants, secessionists supported by some of the members of minority community in Kashmir valley.

Despite history has recorded at least 7 mass exoduses of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir Valley. The irony of it all is that the 1989-90 exodus, which is still continuing, is first one in an independent, sovereign, democratic and secular India. All the cherished values enshrined and envisaged in our constitution like equality before law, non-discrimination on account of caste creed and religion have proved totally ineffective in respect of KPs. Though 29 years have passed yet there is no roadmap, serious or strong move to address the problems faced by the KPs.

There are possible doubts that all this is being done in order to allow, with the passage of time, to dilute the cause of KPs to a stage when they are erased physically and from the minds of our great nation. Probably a time is being envisaged when nobody will claim to be a KP. The history also notes we KPs along with Muslim brethren bestowed a greatest gift to India called KASHMIRIYAT which attracted even Gandhi Ji when he was searching for the roots of secularism.

Questions that exists in every KP’s mind is that

Why NHRC has remained a mute spectator for this crime against humanity by despite mass gruesome killings and no action has been taken so far by them?

Why High Court of erstwhile J&K & Supreme Court have not intervened to address these mass killings of KPs?

Remembering the sacrifices of our brethren, we appeal fervently to the nation, judiciary and the government to implement the following on war footing;

Bring out a white paper on the plight of Kashmiri Pandits and their treatment in Kashmir in last 30 years.
Constitute a fact finding commission for conducting a time bound investigations about genesis, machinations, conspiracy and all other aspects and to suggest short, medium and long term measures so that such genocide is never repeated in India ever. Center and State governments should abide by such findings & measures suggested and implement them in time bound manner.
Restore our human rights and dignity and allow conducive atmosphere for KPs to survive and thrive in Kashmir.
All responsible for our community killings should be brought to Justice in a fixed period of time.
Bring in structural, procedural and constitutional changes in governance of Kashmir to ensure that Kashmir remains integral part of India, its growth and development removing all discriminations of cast, creed and religion.
Provide well thought concessions to Kashmiri Pandits to bring them at par with majority community to fill the gap of last thirty years of misery and lack of opportunity for their dignified existence and restoration of all fundamental rights which are available to all the citizens of India.

We sincerely hope and expect that entire nation with support this cause and unite to make India strong and resilient.

Kashmiri Hindu Sabha Telangana

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