Student Admissions in and around Hyderabad for the Wards of Kashmiri Pandits


Please note in the month of July every year, you will find a notification on below website please keep on visiting this website during that time. The notification will be as follows:

There are well know tow government colleges which have 100% placement in engineering branches.

  1. JNTU College of Engineering Hyderabad .
  2. University College Of Engineering Osmania University

These two colleges are in the campus of these two universities. And they are good ranked colleges in India. There are other private good colleges like CBIT etc. too where KP students can apply for admissions.

Any Kashmiri Pandits in India needs any further assistance or information regarding admission for Wards of Kashmiri Pandits. Please reach out to Kashmiri Hindu Sabha Telangana.


1 thought on “Student Admissions in and around Hyderabad for the Wards of Kashmiri Pandits

  1. I would like to give some additional details.
    1) Admission merit list is on the basis of the percentage of 12th class maths, Physics and Chemistry marks.
    2) you need a migrant certificate on the name of the student signed by the relief commissioner.
    3) the fees of both these colleges is around 18000( confirmed for OU, no idea about JNTU)
    4) 3 seats per stream are available in each college
    5) the counselling is offline and is done at Saniketa Vidya Bhavan, Masab Tank, Hyderabad.

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