TheWiki YekJah – Platform to Connect Kashmiri Community


thewiki Yekjah is a platform to connect Kashmiri Community across the globe.

“wiki” means “collaboration” & “Yekjah” is a prominent Kashmiri word that means “at one place”.

As community members, we all can help our small but prominent community grow if we share stories about our Culture, History & Mother Land.

We can connect with our family, friends, and colleagues on this platform & can also create a Knowledge Base that will help our future generation to be proud of our culture and diversity.

How can we use this platform?
We can use this platform in a number of ways;

  1. Connect with other community members across the globe.
  2. Ask Questions & provide Answers
  3. Create collaborative pages to create a knowledge base
  4. Write Blogs & Articles
  5. Write small 250 word Posts on “thewire”

This is a small effort to connect everyone beyond geographical boundaries. 🙏

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